Enjoy All Savannah Tennessee & Hardin County Have To Offer

Welcome to Our Town, Hardin County.... Where the Living is good!!


Tucked away in the Tennessee Valley, Savannah has been named one of the top ten retirement areas. Its pristine hills, clear creeks, streams, and lakes, recreational and cultural opportunities, and progressive economy make Hardin County Tennessee one of the most attractive areas to live.

The progressive nature of the Savannah-Hardin County area can be easily seen in the positive attitude of the people involved in business and industry. In addition, the results of their efforts are evident in the available statistics. Hardin County ranks in the top one-third of the 105-county Mid-South area in job growth.

Blessed with an abundance of natural resources and a variety of recreational activities, Savannah Tennessee and the Hardin County area offers a wide range of leisure activities - golfing, hunting, music and theatre. Just relax, there's always plenty of fun to go around.

Legend has it, Once you put your feet into the waters of the country, you'll always come back.... back to the memorable places and friendly people.

Our community is made up of dozens of churches, schools, family owned businesses, parks, antique shops, banks, and most of all, friendly neighborhoods that are inviting, warm, and safe. We are proud of our community volunteerism, active service organizations, and business leaders. Savannah, TN, also known as the 'Catfish Capital', is a small town that sits on the bands of the Tennessee River.



In addition, Hardin County Tennessee has some of the best fresh water fishing venues in the world. Anglers from across the country flock to try their luck on game fish in Pickwick Lake and the Tennessee River. Ranked as one of the top bass fishing spots in the U.S., Pickwick Lake is renowned for its small-mouth and large-mouth catches. Other sport fish include catfish, sauger, crappie, white bass, striped bass, spotted bass and bluegill.

The avid outdoorsman will enjoy the abundant wildlife paradise of white-tail deer, wild turkey, and small game. Tackle Tennessee for a life full of sports recreation.

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